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This website was created by Michael O'Callaghan, who wrote the text with considerable creative input from Victor Reijs, to whom much thanks. The author also wishes to acknowledge the generous contributions of Martin Byrne, Josephine Coffey, Winkie and Caroline Corballis, Toby Hall, Anthony Murphy, Patrick Healey, and the Countess of Rosse, all of whom provided valuable criticism, but who should not be held accountable for any factual errors by the author.

Many thanks to Martin Byrne, Anthony Murphy, Cynthia Austin and Kim Richardson for the generous use of their photographs throughout these pages, to Gordon Campbell who kindly made his Dublin home available for strategic planning sessions, and to Winkie and Caroline Corballis, Mark Reynolds, the Hon. Desmond Guinness, and the Earl and Countess of Rosse for their encouragement and support.

We also wish to express our gratitude to Martin Brennan, John Michell and the other amateur archaeoastronomers whose research and books, often unacknowledged by mainstream archaeology, inspired us to appreciate the astronomical dimension of our megalithic heritage, and to the Indigenous People from the sixth to the third millennium BCE who built the monuments themselves.


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