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"Coming by different roads out of the past, all peoples of the Earth are now arriving in a new world community."
– Margaret Mead

"We are now about 25% to 30% over carrying capacity. If everyone on the planet today consumed at the level of North Americans, we would need 4 additional Earth-like planets to produce those resources and assimilate those wastes."
– Bill Rees

"The planet's ecological, social and economic systems are on the verge of catastrophic change, for which few societies are prepared. Efforts by governments to respond to the impending emergency are thus far grossly inadequate. Efforts by corporations and industries to reform their behaviors remain largely enclosed by systemic limits that require continued growth and profit above all other standards of performance. With each passing month, the probability of very grave outcomes increases, and will continue if we do not immediately alter course. Some say global ecological and social breakdowns are already inevitable. With great crises sometimes comes great opportunity. The very urgency of the situation, and the imminence of global upheavals, bring new incentives toward more viable economic and social choices that operate within the ecological limits of the planet. But we are nearing the 11th hour..."
– Manifesto on Global Economic Transitions,
International Forum on Globalisation, the Institute for Policy Studies, and the Global Project on Economic Transitions

"The problem of how to transmit our ecological reasoning to those whom we wish to influence - in what seems to us to be an ecologically good direction - is itself an ecological problem."
– Gregory Bateson

"The greatest hazard in such a transition is that the anxiety level can rise to where the society responds with irrational and self-destructive behaviour. The best safeguards are widespread understanding of the need for transformation, and reassurance that there is someplace good to get to on the other side... We need a new vision."
– Changing Images of Man report, SRI International.

"The world has divided into rich and poor as at no time in history."
Maude Barlow at the G20 meeting in Toronto 2010.

"Politics hates a vacuum. If it isn't filled with hope, someone will fill it with fear."
– Naomi Klein

"As our new century unfolds, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the major problems of our time – whether economic, environmental, technological, social or political – are systemic problems that cannot be solved within the current fragmented and reductionist framework of our academic disciplines and social institutions. We need a radical shift in our perceptions, thinking, and values. And indeed, weare now at the beginning of such a fundamental change of worldview in science and society."
– Fritjof Capra

"I write these words against a background of seemingly ungovernable crisis. It's the Age of the Apocalypse, for no-one any longer can say whether humanity will survive. The world's leading scientists in the relevant fields seem agreed about this: we've created for ourselves as set of... crises, which may prove impossible to contain... Repeatedly, we attack dysfunctions in our social organisation while the symptoms continue to worsen... I submit that what causes the helpless feeling is the inadequacy of old forms of thought to cope with an historically unprecedented situation. We can't even think of solutions without correctly recognising the problem, and its now commonplace to pose our problems incorrectly. We tend to focus on what's seen rather than on our way of seeing... Instead of focusing on how we produce and consume, we must focus on how we perceive and on how we communicate."
Gene Youngblood

"The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think."
– Gregory Bateson

"The new age of education is programmed for discovery rather than instruction. Art as radar environment, radar feedback, early warning system: the antennae of the race."
– Marshall McLuhan