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The Rio + 10 interviews

Emilio d'Alessio:
Local Agenda 21


Tell us about Local Agenda 21 activities in Italy.

And how did this translate locally in Ancona?

How easy was it to get the commitment of stakeholder groups to really become involved?

How many stakeholder groups did you say you have on board?

How did you decide which indicators to measure?

Give me an example of some of the most interesting indicators, the ones which were most useful - which gave you the most surprising information.

Now tell me about the ecological footprint analysis you did for Ancona.

What are the most important stakeholder groups you got involved?

What about the business community, the construction firms, architects, real estate developers and so on? Was it difficult to get them interested? Did they see this as a threat?

Do you have any comments you want to share with the world about sustainability, 10 years after Rio?