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The Rio + 10 interviews

Felix Dodds
Success and failure at Johannesburg


How do you feel about the progress that has been made since the Earth Summit in Rio 10 years ago?

How do you feel about the WTO and the trade agreements, and the possibility of a Convention on Corporate Responsibility?

What's the biggest success of this conference, and the biggest failure?

Given the history of what's happened in the past, and the increasing pressure on resources and the expanding population on the planet, and the trend towards less sovereignty for governments and greater sovereignty for the WTO and so on, do you think sustainability is a realistic goal that we can actually achieve before it is too late?

What do you think about the idea of the Hydrogen economy? Is that realistically on the cards, and if so, how soon might we see the end of the fossil fuel era?

A final question. If you had a teen-age kid...

What is it that teen-age kids need to really understand about the future of the planet?