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The Rio + 10 interviews

Berward Geier
Sustainability and organic farming


How has organic farming progressed since the Rio Earth Summit?

How important is buying locally-grown food to the spread of the organic movement?

Will the proposed changes in the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) help would-be organic farmers and those who haven't converted yet? And what can we do to ensure that the actual changes are even better than the proposed ones?

Do you see the trend towards organic accelerating in the next decade?

Can businesses, government agencies, local authorities, schools, and hospitals help promote organic food by procurement schemes? Can you give me any examples of this?

Why should we avoid genetically modified food production?

Tony Blair, for example, is saying "we won't make a decision about GMOs until we do more tests about the health effects", meaning field tests. But the ecogical threat of genes escaping in the field is far greater than the health threat! What is your view of the ecological risks of GMOs?