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The Rio + 10 interviews

Mark Halle
Aside from the inter-governmental conference...


How do you feel about the future since Rio?

What's happening with the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)?

Do you think there's a need to reform the WTO, or will it evolve into something better of its own accord? And how are we going to reconcile the conflict between private shareholder money and the public interest?

We spoke about the ten years since Rio. What are the most significant issues that the general viewer who doesn't know anything of the details we've been talking about, but who just has a sense that the world is having problems, should be aware of?

Can you talk about the dysfunctionality of governments and the emergence of civil society?

Do you not think that democracy is still an important idea? At the moment there's a loss of sovereignty where decisions are made in the WTO or made elsewhere by corporations. Is it not important to have local democracy, local choices, local community participation?

Do you think the transition to a hydrogen economy will happen anytime soon?

A final question... What about the intelligence communities and the military, and their old-fashioned concept of security based on coercion and brute force that we still see now with Bush and Iraq. Can you talk about re-defining security?