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The Rio + 10 interviews

Claude Martin
The WWF perspective


What is the most significant environmental change since the Rio Earth Summit?

What about the whole security aspects of this? Why do the military authorities not understand that the major threats are from environmental and ecological sources? Is it not time for the global military institutions to really start looking at spending their money on addressing these underlying causes that lead to war and social unrest?

How serious have the effects of agribusiness and intensive agriculture been on biodiversity in the world, and in Europe, in your view?

How do you feel about the use and testing of genetically modified living organisms?

What are the issues that you think are most important for the general public to consider, now that we are going into the 21st century?

How do you imagine the world fifty years from now?

What about changes in the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)? Will they realistically make it easier for a revival of organic farming?

Finally, just a few words on biodiversity. What is the rate of species loss, and at what point does it become a serious problem for ecological stability?