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The Rio + 10 interviews

Rémi Parmentier
The siesta is over!


What should companies and governments focus on now, ten years after Rio?

How do we get around the problem of governments now being mostly influenced by corporate agendas? How can we get the citizens to take responsibility?

How serious an emergency situation do we have now from humans' impact on the environment?

Corporations and the governments that they employ these days are very reluctant to do what needs to be done. If the Political Declaration and the Plan of Implementation which result from this WSSD conference only produce voluntary agreements for corporate responsiblity, is there any hope we can get a global Framework Convention on Corporate Accountability?

If this conference doesn't produce those results...

Is there anything else you'd like to say, for a general TV audience?

Would you like to say a short soundbite on why genetically modified food crops are not a good idea, for people who may not understand the issue?

How do you think it came about that humans became so ignorant and negligent of nature?

Helena, do you want to ask a question?

HELENA NORBERG HODGE: Don't you agree that even if the rhetoric changes, corporate accountability is the most important question? So even if the rhetoric includes setting certain targets, how do we ensure that these targets are actually met and that there's a real effort to implement them?

HELENA NORBERG HODGE: I've been warning about economic centralisation or globalisation for 25 years. And I feel confident that awareness is growing of the central role that these treaties have had in giving corporations more power, basically deregulating their activity, destroying millions of smaller local and national businesses. Do you see a possibility for Greenpeace to focus on this issue of economic activism, changing the economic policy to be subsumed under the umbrella of environmental protection?