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The Rio + 10 interviews

Bushra Razack
Youth action


What's the most important thing for secondary school and college kids to be aware of in the world today?

How long have you been involved with Peace Child and what have you been doing with them?

What did you think of the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg?

But the governments did not keep most of the promises they made at the Earth Summit ten years ago. And they haven't really made a lot of new promises at this summit.

What about the kids taking over? As you know, the population is going to double again, resources are diminishing, politicians aren't doing what they should, and time is running out.

Do you think that young people could actually make a cultural revolution out of this?

Can you not do it on your own?

Imagine a whole bunch of young people who have never heard of any of these things, and they are channel surfing on the TV and see you here: what is the main thing you want to say to them?