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The Rio + 10 interviews

David Woolcombe
Youth action for sustainable development


What's your view of the progress or lack of progress since the 1992 Earth Summit at Rio de Janeiro?

Were you disappointed by the outcomes of this Johannesburg summit?

What is Peace Child's focus at the moment, and can you tell us about Morocco?

Great! Any other message to the planet?

Sounds like fun! A documentary?

A story?

Sounds great! And do you have a script?

Do you think we're going to be able to save the planet before it is too late? Everyone is wondering, you know... I was talking to Mark Halle from the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, and he says we have to be realistic, at this point, we have to start thinking that we might not succeed, we may have to cope with mitigation strategies to deal with climate change and so on.

You also said sustainable development should be the opium of the masses. Do you really mean that?

The opium of the masses is a terrible metaphor! To narcotise the public with some fantasy? Surely we want to inspire them.